Complement a healthy diet for your prostate with regular exercise. Activities like walking, running, and swimming, which ought to be a part of your weekly routine anyway, help you control prostate-related problems. Also, consider consuming supplements to accelerate the process. Howdy Handsome’s Prostate Support, for instance, is a 100% organic dietary supplement that packs in all the nutrients you need for a robust prostate, without you having to stock up on dozens of ingredients in your pantry to make up for a healthy prostate diet. 

Keeping a Healthy Prostate

Keeping your prostate healthy begins with a good diet, but doesn’t stop there. A healthy diet for a prostate has to be supplemented by a better lifestyle that accommodates and promotes your general wellbeing. Here are some things you can do to keep your prostate in good shape even as you grow older.

Be Kinder, To Yourself

As men age, their prostates inevitably enlarge. This consequence of aging carries with itself a host of complications and requirements that you will have to respect, regardless of the supplements and exercises you’re doing. This doesn’t mean that life has to stop, but rather that you have to factor in your health for everything you do. For example, if you’re planning a long road trip with friends, plan it with rest stops to accommodate the frequent urge to go to the bathroom, and carry food that suits a healthy diet for prostates.


Surprisingly, getting an ample amount of sunlight is a great way to promote prostate health and supplement a prostate-friendly diet. The regular intake of vitamin D helps reduce the risk of prostate cancer down the line and also has well documented benefits for your overall health, including a stronger heart and lungs.

Regular Screenings

As men grow older, their prostate gland’s enlargement can cause sudden complications that take people and their families by surprise. To avoid any nasty surprises, regular checkups and screenings are heavily recommended for men who are entering their middle ages. Some men balk at the thought of getting screened, but the procedure is relatively quick and the benefits far outweigh any concerns one might have.

Body Weight

Maintaining a healthy body weight is an important part of keeping your prostate healthy. If you’re following a healthy diet for prostates already, you mostly will end up at a healthy weight anyway, although you should still keep a constant eye on it while being consistent with a prostate-friendly diet.

It’s worth remembering that if you’re overweight at the time, trying to lose a large amount of weight out of panic can do more harm than good. Aim to lose 1-2 pounds a week or even less, if so directed by a professional, to ensure you’re losing weight at a pace that’s manageable and consistent. An unfortunate side effect of losing weight quickly can be a rebound that leaves you with a higher weight than what you started with.


If you’re a heavy smoker, it might be time to stop and switch to a healthy diet for a prostate. While research in this field is still ongoing, studies show that smoking at the time of diagnosis and treatment can increase the chances of prostate cancer returning. For smokers, the effects of nicotine and tobacco can negate the benefits that a healthy diet brings to the prostate. If you’re a heavy smoker, it’s never too late to quit and avoid a diagnosis down the line.

Prostate Conditions

As we work to keep our bodies in shape for a happier life, it’s also important to know and remember potential prostate complications that can crop up despite a healthy diet and exercise. The most common problems that men face with their prostate as they age and experience enlargement include:

  • Prostatitis: Many men even under the age of 50 face this condition, and while it can be benign and go away on its own, there are variations that can be more troublesome for men. Prostatitis involves inflammation, swelling, and even pain in the pelvic area. If it lasts for a prolonged duration it can be a sign of a chronic illness and a doctor’s visit is recommended. Despite a prostate-friendly diet, bacterial infections can cause this condition as well.
  • Benign Prostate Hyperplasia: As the name might imply, this condition is usually harmless and a natural consequence of your bladder getting bigger with age. Even men with the healthiest diet can face this prostate complication, for it occurs almost uniformly. It’s important to point out that BPH is not prostate cancer and does not cause cancer either, as some people tend to believe.
  • Cancer: Perhaps the most commonly known prostate complication. The chances of being diagnosed with prostate cancer increase significantly in older men, although even younger groups have gotten it. A silver lining here is that the cancer is often slow growing, and if caught in time can be treated. Regardless, it’s best not to take anything lightly and regularly consult your doctor for checkup and maintain a healthy diet for a prostate.


The method of treatment for different complications varies according to the condition. BPH is usually treated with simple medication like Cardura that helps drive down swelling around the pelvic regions. Other medicines alleviate symptoms by working to shrink the prostate area. As a last ditch effort, surgery can sometimes be required as well. In order to avoid surgery and other complications down the line, it’s necessary to maintain a healthy diet for your prostate. 

Since prostatitis is a result of a bacterial infection, doctors will usually prescribe antibiotics and a prostate-friendly diet that doesn’t cause further inflammation. In cases of cancer, the course of treatment is highly variable and determined by your doctor after thorough observation. In benign cases they will simply observe, while more serious cases will require chemotherapy or other procedures.

Taking care of yourself with a healthy diet for prostates early on is the best way to supplement medication and avoid further problems.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for questions or more advice on how to promote healthy prostate function and cut out those incessant bathroom trips all day long.

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