Keeping your hair healthy isn’t as hard as you think. Coconut oil for men’s hair is becoming more popular, both within specially formulated products or just on its own. Filled with fatty nutrients, coconut oil is a great natural product that can enhance and heal men’s hair. Those vitamins and micronutrients help your hair stay healthier for longer. Since its popularity has grown over the years, there have been plenty of claims about coconut oil, and not all of them are entirely true. But it is true that the nutrients in coconut oil can help. We will cover what coconut oil does for men’s hair, and how you should use it.

Protects the Scalp

For those who suffer from dandruff, coconut oil does wonders in moisturizing dry scalps, helping to prevent fungal infections. This is why coconut oil is not only good for your hair; coconut oil works for men’s faces as well. As a natural moisturizer that contains antioxidant properties, it is great for preventing wrinkles and skin irritation if applied on a regimented schedule.

Prevents Greying

Coconut oil’s magic is all about its ability to retain. It keeps in products, it keeps in moisture, and it keeps in proteins. Studies have shown that keeping in these proteins helps to prevent your hair from greying. Coconut oil in men’s hair traps these proteins. Hair goes grey when keratin, a type of protein, stops getting injections of pigment. Keeping these proteins intact will keep the grey away.

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Natural Styling Agent 

Coconut oil is great for hair because it’s a natural deep conditioner. As a sealant, it helps trap any hair products you previously applied onto the hair follicles. The result is smoother, less frizzy hair that is protected for longer. With those that have unmanageable, curly hair, this is a perfect solution for those humid days when your hair just won’t agree with you. The best way to do this is to make sure to apply product before using the coconut oil. It’s best used over a moisturizer [for your hair], or damp skin.

By Eating It!

Coconut oil is not just for men’s hair. A spoonful of sugar has nothing on coconut oil. A single spoonful contains nutrients that will help fight inflammation from inside the body. This will result in healthier hair (and skin)! Coconut oil ingested also helps to speed up your metabolism.

How to Apply

First, rub it between your palms to heat it up a little. This will make the application process a lot easier, and less sticky.

Massage your hair lighty. Go from the roots up to the ends of your hair strands. This will help make sure your scalp is moisturized and the ends are protected. Going this way helps to strengthen your hair follicles.

And finally, let the oil stay for a while. At the very least 30 minutes, but you can leave it overnight. We recommend wearing a shower cap before sleeping so you don’t get oil all over your pillows. When you wake up, just wash it gently out with a mild shampoo.

Coconut oil in men’s hair is a natural product that is not a definite solution for hair loss, but it’s filled with vitamins and nutrients that are good for the body, and could be good for more than just your hair. Team it with our natural hair growth supplement and you’ll be dazzling everyone with your luscious locks! Remember, coconut oil is for men’s faces as well, moisturizing your skin with an all-natural product that could even reduce wrinkles.

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