Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What products do you offer?

At the moment, Howdy Handsome has four products on offer:

Sexual Vitality: Health supplements for men to boost stamina, sex drive, and perform at their peak.

Hair Enhancement: Biotin gummies for stronger, thicker, and better-looking hair and improved confidence.

Prostate Support: Prostate health supplements to end overly frequent trips to the bathroom. 

Men’s Daily Stamina: Daily Multi-vitamin Pack specifically for men.

Are your products safe to use?
Our products are developed with careful research and an intimate understanding of the physiological and psychological dynamics of age-related problems. They are all 100% organic and made right here in the U.S. They are not pharmaceutical drugs and contain none of the synthetic chemicals found in prescription medications. They cause no harmful side effects when taken as directed and can be a safer alternative to try.
What ingredients are used in your products?
Our formulae contain only the best natural ingredients and herbs like marshmallow root powder, saw palmetto powder, and pumpkin seed powder, to name but a few. They are 100% organic.
Are your products GMP-certified?
Yes! All our formulae are independently tested and certified by NSF International, produced in a GMP-registered facility.
Will I experience any side effects?
There are no harmful side effects to our products when taken as directed.
How should I use your products?
Visit our product pages to see the recommended dosage for each formula, or take them as directed by your healthcare professional.
Do I need a prescription for your products?
No, you do not. We offer all-natural nutritional supplements containing only the finest botanicals, which don’t require a prescription to use.
When do I receive delivery of my order?
You should receive your order 2–3 days from when your payment is received. We send most packages the same day you place the order.
Are your products shipped discreetly?
Yes, they are! We send all orders in an unmarked package with no indication as to what it contains.
Do you offer returns and exchanges?

Yes, we do. Please refer to the information in our returns and exchanges policy.

How do you use my personal information?
At Howdy Handsome, we strive to respect our customers’ privacy to the fullest. Any information we collect will only be used to provide you the best products and service possible. Under no circumstances will we share any personal data with a third party.
Where are you located?
Howdy Handsome is located at 110 W. 6th Street #106, Azusa, CA 91702. We do not have a retail location at this address.
How do I contact you?
We welcome any and all queries you have about our products and our service. Contact us to find the answers to your questions or email

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