Using a Hairbrush with Natural Bristles

Brushing your hair daily with a high-quality brush can help disperse the natural oils across your scalp, helping to preserve moisture and make your hair healthy.

When to Shampoo

More men should know this little secret: shampoo is not the answer. When you shampoo your hair every day you are actually damaging it in the long run. Shampoo dries and damages your hair and on top of that, it tricks your scalp into producing more oil than necessary. Unless your hair is particularly greasy, you only need to wash your hair 3-4 times a week.


Of all the hair care tips for men, less shampoo; more conditioner is the best answer to healthy hair. You should be conditioning your hair every other day, and if you are just starting to learn how to grow men’s hair out properly you might have to condition your hair even more often. Conditioner cleans hair more gently than shampoo and gives the hair vitamins to keep it strong and healthy.

Hydration is Key!

Put hair styling products into your hair before you dry your hair. When your hair starts to dry, the style you shaped your hair into will be locked in, and the product will help get you the shape you want.

Oiled Up 

If you find your hair drying up—even with conditioner—try a deep conditioning hair mask. These hair masks will help lock in the natural oils that are needed to keep your strands healthy. Hair care tips for men are about making sure your hair is healthy, and dry hair is unhealthy hair.

Keep Your Scalp Healthy 

A healthy scalp helps with a healthy head of hair. Along with washing your hair gently, you might want to use a scalp scrub to exfoliate the skin on your head.

haircut styling hair

Visit Your Barber

This might seem like an obvious one, but when you want to know how to grow men’s hair out properly, you might be thinking that all you have to do is leave your hair alone and you’ll find yourself with a flowing mane in a year. It’s important to get strategic trims that’ll help layer the hair and grow the way you want it to.

Using Supplements 

When growing out your hair, it’s important that you are taking the right nutrients for your hair to grow strong and healthy. Like any other health advice, hair care tips for men are all about the nutrients you are feeding your body.Supplements containing vitamins and minerals do the same as any diet does. They add nutrients that your body (and your hair) need to keep on growing.

Gray Stays

Salt-and-pepper hair is distinguished and classy. If you find your hair going gray, embrace the look and the class that comes with it. Hair dyes have the potential to damage your hair by altering the hair’s protein structure, losing its defined texture and thickness. Keeping your gray hairs can help keep your hair longer.

These hair care tips for men aren’t going to give you results overnight, but they might boost your confidence and push you towards a healthy head of hair.

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