New Year, new you. We say it every year, stating that this year will be our year. But usually, we don’t know where to start. We think about going to the gym, but don’t know how to fit it into our schedule. We want to be more proactive but just can’t push ourselves. We want to eat healthier but can’t resist a good beer and burger after work. Here are a few healthy tips for men who need that push.

You need more than motivation to actually make a change in your life. Healthy new year tips are here to not only help you start your journey but to make sure you are keeping to it without being burnt out. Changing your life isn’t a dramatic move, it requires slow and thoughtful changes.

Have a Journal

Write down your goals for this year. Do it right now, don’t worry, this article can wait. This might seem a little dumb, but putting in the tiniest bit of effort is the first step to making those big improvements. Writing is a form of reminding yourself why you wanted healthy tips for men in the first place: to take control of your life. In a journal (or on your Notes app, or really wherever) you should write down this week’s goals. If it’s fitness, track your weight. If it’s food, track your meals. Health is not a one-and-done deal, if you want to be a real man and change your life, it requires looking at your long-term goals. 

Take Photos

We all want the same things: look better, feel better, and live our lives better. Maybe you want to regrow that beautiful hair you had as a teenager. Maybe you want to eat better. Regardless of what it is, if it involves a physical change, take pictures. If you are working out, take monthly pictures of your body. If you want to eat healthier, take photos of the food. Taking pictures forces you to be aware of your life decisions, and document your improvements. 

Get Friends and Family Involved 

Healthy new year tips are nothing without the encouragement of those around you. Tell your friends and tell your family what your goals are for the new year. Maybe they will join you for a run? Maybe they will eat a salad with you? That doesn’t matter that much. What does matter is they now know your goals. Making a habit out of your goals requires constant reminders from the world around you. Let your circle help you out.

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Holding Yourself Accountable

These healthy tips for men encompass one word that every man should have in their toolbox: accountability. You are in control of your own destiny. It’s a little overwhelming to realize it, but by forcing yourself to tell the world of your goals, you push them into fruition. 

Looking Back and Seeing the Hard Work 

Now, a few months have passed. You’ve told your friends, you’ve taken photos, you can see just how far you’ve gone. How do you keep it going? By seeing the distance you’ve traveled, the hard work you put in, and to think it all started with writing down your goals in a journal. Since then, these healthy tips for men have helped to shape your destiny. 

Hope you have a great year, make these healthy new year tips matter, and improve your life.

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