Frizzy and damaged hair can be just as much a problem for men as it can be for women. This is especially true for those who love longer hairstyles and spend time in a humid climate. In recent times, a keratin hair treatment for men with unruly hair has boomed in popularity. A number of people, however, are also wary of it, given that it’s a chemical treatment and could potentially damage your hair strands. If you’re on the fence about it, take some time to read through this blog, where we’ll discuss why your hair gets frizzy, how keratin works, and whether keratin for men is a worthwhile treatment.

What Causes the Frizz in Your Hair?

The amount of frizz in your hair is related to its ability to retain water and natural oils. Your shafts have microscopic scales on their surface called cuticles. These behave much the same way as the pores on your skin. The amount of space between these cuticles is called “porosity.” 

Basically, if you have highly porous hair, your cuticles open that much wider and retain less moisture. As a result, you’re likely to have drier, frizzier hair, more prone to tangles and breakage. This is where a keratin hair treatment for men comes in.

Another factor that makes keratin indispensable for some men is pollution. With rising pollution levels across the world due to emissions, even the commute from your house to the office can expose your hair to harmful toxins. Combining these pollutants with dirt and other contaminants creates a potent mixture that can leech your hair of necessary proteins. 

What Does Keratin Do for Men’s Hair?

Keratin is a natural protein produced by your hair follicles and makes up 88-99% of your hair. Think of it as the key building block of your hair. There’s a lot that can contribute to frail or damaged hair. Your porosity could play into it, but your hair care routine and general diet could be just as responsible. If your body doesn’t get a balanced protein intake, it starts rationing the protein it does have. 

The protein gets diverted to essential bodily functions like producing antibodies, enzymes, and cell repair. Hair growth isn’t regarded as critical to survival and therefore isn’t allocated protein. This is why a healthy protein intake is so important for hair growth

Benefits of Keratin For Men

We’ve established that keratin can be beneficial for men, but so are many other products on the market such as biotin or minoxidil. What makes keratin the right choice for you?

  • It’s Fast: For men, getting a keratin hair treatment is a task that takes up 30 minutes tops. When you’re factoring in the busy schedules that many people have to manage, the speedy benefits offered by keratin look a lot more appealing. In most cases, getting a treatment done is as simple as making a quick visit to the local salon.
    For the sake of comparison we can assess the speed of keratin against a close competitor like biotin. Taking biotin supplements is a great way to boost hair growth for many men, however, it can take up to a week or two to actually begin seeing results – depending on the person. Keratin for men, on the other hand, provides that frizz-free hair as soon as the treatment is over.
  • Cost-efficient: If you’ve been to your fair share of hair salons, chances are that you’ve been offered a keratin treatment at some point. The prices that get thrown around might seem expensive at first, but keratin treatments can actually save you money in the long run – if used correctly.
    Getting a keratin hair treatment done once in a while can be incredibly beneficial for men, since you’re getting those essential proteins replenished at regular intervals. This essentially ensures healthy hair without the hassle. On the flip side, deficiencies in certain minerals can lead to hair loss and further costs down the line.
  • Long Lasting: The average hair product sold in stores only takes care of frizzy hair for half a day at most. Compare that to the 6 month period provided by keratin for men and the winner becomes evident. Not only are you paying for the satisfaction of only having to get the treatment done a few times every year, but you’re also saving yourself the hassle of managing multiple hair products.
  • Suits Your Hair: There’s almost always a moment of hesitation before we decide to pull the trigger on a new hair product. Will it suit your hair type, or will it end up sitting on the shelf forever? Keratin avoids this dilemma due to its adaptability. Keratin hair treatments are suitable for men with all types of hair – curly, straight, or otherwise.

stylist applying keratin for men

That said, keratin is beneficial for almost all men, excluding potential allergies and health conditions. Even if you’ve already got straight and frizz-free hair, you might benefit from getting a treatment! Keratin has been shown to be effective even when applied to straight hair. This is because it creates volume and makes it look like you’ve got healthier and fuller hair. 

What Is a Keratin Hair Treatment for Men?

A keratin treatment for men is basically a chemical process that smooths out the frizz in your hair, strengthening it and adding shine. Depending on your hair type, the results can last between 4-6 months.

Usually done in a salon, the treatment involves thoroughly coating your hair strands in a keratin-rich substance. It’s left to sit in your hair for a while before it’s washed out. The treatment is designed to permeate your hair follicles and seal the gaps in your cuticle layer. This essentially creates a barrier against external heat and humidity and helps your follicles to better retain moisture.

What Makes The Keratin Treatment ‘For Men’?

The truth is, there’s no real difference between keratin for men and for women. There’s a popular misconception that hair treatments are more effective for women and that men shouldn’t really bother. The term ‘for men’ is almost always used to indicate that the treatment is equally as effective for men. Great hair belongs to everyone.

Is Keratin for Men Safe?

While naturally formulated keratin hair treatment is safe for men, not everyone reacts to the process the same way. Depending on your hair and scalp type, you might find that the treatment irritates your skin. If you suffer from conditions like alopecia, perhaps subjecting your hair to unnecessary chemicals isn’t ideal. It’s best to seek out some professional advice before proceeding with it. 

Ultimately, your decision to go through with keratin treatments should be taken by keeping both your budget and potential health complications in mind. If you’ve got sensitive skin that’s prone to reacting to chemicals, be cautious before proceeding. Additionally, regular keratin treatments for men can end up being quite expensive depending on the salon you’re visiting. Make sure you’ve got a long-term plan in mind if your budget is a concern.

What Are Other Options for Men Besides Keratin Hair Treatment

If you are wary of chemical treatments, there are many alternatives to keratin for men that you can use to keep your hair healthy. A balanced diet is chief amongst them. Get your protein in, but make sure you don’t ignore other vital nutrients like vitamin B (biotin in particular), vitamin C, iron, zinc, and selenium.

hands squeezing a bottle of keratin for men

Sometimes, however, it’s difficult to get the full complement of necessary nutrients through your diet, either because of a hectic, on-the-go lifestyle or because our agricultural produce simply isn’t as nutrient-rich today as it was 20 years ago. Consider adding a supplement to your diet. This can give you the right boost of nutrients without needing to resort to chemicals. 

Our own Hair Enhancement supplement, for instance, is a great alternative to keratin hair treatment for men. It’s a 100% organic, vegan, and gluten-free formula. It contains biotin and a unique blend of 11 key ingredients designed to provide the targeted nutritional support you need to revitalize your hair follicles. They’re delicious cherry-flavored gummies and could prove to be a better alternative than keratin for men to strengthen their hair.

Contact us at Howdy Handsome if you have any questions about strengthening your hair or how our Hair Enhancement gummies can help you. Be sure to keep up with our blog for regular hair care tips and advice.

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