Hair can be the centerpiece of our appearance. Losing curly hair severely damages self-esteem, the way we see ourselves, and our interactions with our loved ones. Read on to learn what causes curly hair loss and what you can do about it.

Causes of Curly Hair Loss


Genetics can unfortunately be a lottery. If you’ve got a family history of full heads of hair, then you probably don’t have anything to worry about. For the less fortunate, male pattern baldness is very difficult to stop. Remedies can include transplants and minoxidil or rogaine, but you should consult your doctor before deciding on a path forward.


Living a fast and loose lifestyle with a spotty sleep schedule and imbalanced diet can also be a cause for losing curly hair. Men who don’t get a good spread of leafy greens and meats can end up lacking in critical nutrients, like biotin, and suffer from increased shedding.


If you’re lucky, the problem might just be that you’re combing or brushing your hair too hard. It turns out that curly hair is more susceptible to breakage, so switching to a wide-toothed comb or just being gentler with your morning routine could rein in that curly hair loss!


Sudden changes in diet and lifestyle can alter your hormone levels. Steroids, for example, can significantly affect your DHT hormones, and those are the ones in charge of regulating hair growth. If you’ve recently made a similar lifestyle change, it might be worth it to hold off for a while and see if that helps.

How To Deal With Losing Curly Hair


Regularly massaging your scalp with coconut oil, for example, can help promote blood circulation. While it’s not a guarantee that it’ll regrow hair, massages can promote healthier and stronger hair growth.

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Take Stock!

Before you rush for expensive treatment or surgeries, it’s important to step back and assess your situation. Losing a small amount of curly hair, around 100 strands a day, is actually considered normal. You should only be looking at serious remedies for your curly hair if you’re seeing a consistent amount of hair loss. 

Overusing Products

A golden rule of hair products is that too much of anything is terrible for you. Unsustainable hair treatment habits, like using large quantities of shampoo every day or skipping out on conditioner, can weaken your hair. Conditioner is recommended for curly haired men as it prevents tangles and further curly hair loss.

Moving Forward

Losing curly hair today doesn’t mean you’re going to lose it tomorrow, taking care of your curly hair with healthy changes in your lifestyle can mean all the difference. If you don’t have the time to regularly eat healthier meals, try our hair enhancement supplements for all your hair’s biotin needs.

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