Medications that impede blood flow or hormone secretion could be behind what’s suddenly caused ED as well. While it’s essential to be aware of the effects of everything you consume, you shouldn’t ever stop taking your medication without consulting your doctor. It could lead to unforeseen and more serious complications. 


Getting a professional diagnosis is the best way to figure out what causes sudden ED, and whether or not you’re suffering from the most common causes of erectile dysfunction. The diagnosis process involves multiple steps and goes something like this:


Every diagnosis begins with a regular, run of the mill physical exam. The doctor will often begin by looking at your heart rate and lungs, moving onto other areas such as the testicles or penis. It’s not uncommon for doctors to recommend prostate exams afterwards, though this isn’t a certainty and does vary heavily patient by patient.


This step can also take place before your physical exam as a way of conducting a preliminary inquiry. It’s no different from any other interview you’ve most likely already had with a doctor. It’s no secret that most common causes of erectile dysfunction can have some relation to the patient’s upbringing. In order to get the bigger picture, the doctor will try to figure out what’s causing your sudden ED by asking you questions about your sexual history, whether or not you’ve had any illnesses during your childhood, and any other remarkable events that might help put the pieces together. 

Common lines of questioning include:

  • Whether you’ve always been struggling with ED, and if not, for how long.
  • Your sexual activity, including things like frequency and libido.
  • Psychological lines of questioning, such as asking whether you have sexual thoughts or desires frequently. This can help the doctor figure out whether the issue is physical, mental, or both. Most common causes of erectile dysfunction are linked in some way or form to both.
  • Your relationship status, how well you’ve been doing with your partner and your general feelings towards your relationship.
  • Any medications you might be taking at the time, and whether you’ve started taking anything new.

Since there are many factors at play, figuring out what causes sudden ED can sometimes be a prolonged process simply due to how many possible reasons doctors have to check off their list before they can make a final diagnosis. 


Contrary to popular belief, not being able to maintain an erection isn’t the only symptom of erectile dysfunction. Other common symptoms of ED include an inability to achieve orgasm even after prolonged sexual activity and premature ejaculation. 

If you’re experiencing one or more of these, you should consult a doctor if they persist for a prolonged period. People with other health concerns like diabetes and hypertension should do as well as this opens them up to further health complications down the line.

Treating Erectile Dysfunction

The way doctors go about treating your ED is heavily connected to what’s causing it. Most common causes of erectile dysfunction are initially treated with medication.


Non-intrusive oral medications and vitality supplements are great ways of managing ED symptoms. You’ve probably heard of common over the top medicine like Viagra or Cialis. In most cases, these medications help patients tide over the effects of ED and live a normal life while they undergo proper treatment for a lasting cure.

More intrusive methods like a penile injection might also be necessary if oral medications can’t make the cut. These are generally taken in combination with other drugs in order to soothe symptoms.

If necessary, your doctor might also prescribe a third course of action–testosterone therapy. Low levels of the male sex hormone testosterone can also be what’s causing sudden ED. It has to be said that men overestimate the role of testosterone in causing ED, and testosterone is almost never the sole cause of it; however, it can in some cases help alleviate the symptoms. Most doctors, if they find you have low T levels, will commonly prescribe replacement therapy as a way of eliminating the most common causes of erectile dysfunction.

No matter the cause, you should never self-medicate if you are experiencing ED. Always consult a professional doctor and get their approval before going for serious medication like injections or testosterone replacement therapy.

Psychological therapy

Most commonly caused by erectile dysfunction cases are from psychological disorders. If necessary, your doctor could refer you to a professional therapist to undergo either preliminary or thorough therapy. 

The objective of therapy as treatment for ED is to help the patient deal with underlying issues such as: 

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Performance anxiety
  • Depression

Going over these with a therapist can have a lasting and significant impact on the patient. Not only does it help doctors figure out what’s causing sudden ED, it also improves the overall wellbeing of the patient by allowing them to deal with crippling issues such as depression and lead a healthier lifestyle in general.

Alternative remedies

There are some exercises that can help patients deal with symptoms that are most commonly caused by erectile dysfunction. While these are not in any way a substitute for professional remedies prescribed by doctors, they can help you deal with the symptoms in an active and healthy way.

  • Kegels: Kegel exercises help people strengthen their pelvic floor muscles, this can sometimes have a positive impact on men suffering from erectile dysfunction. A study found that men who did kegel exercises on a regular basis were less likely to suffer from ED than a control group of men who didn’t.
  • Yoga: Yoga is a tried and tested form of alternative medication that helps alleviate not just physical symptoms, but also benefits practitioners mentally. There are many forms involved in Yoga, each with their own health benefits. Maintaining a consistent sequence that you follow every day at a given time is a great way of staying in shape.

There are also herbs and treatments that claim to cure what’s causing sudden ED; however, you should never jump into experimental treatments and medications and always consult a doctor before trying something new.

Sex is a basic physiological need and contributes to positive body health in many ways. The inability to have it is not a pleasant experience. Fortunately, you don’t have to put up with it. At Howdy Handsome, we’re fully appreciative of the mental and physical stress brought on by ED. To this end, we’ve developed Sexual Vitality, a unique blend of ingredients intended to target the most common causes of sexual problems, including ED, in men. Reach out to us with questions you have — we’re happy to hear from you! Keep up with our blog for more tips and advice relating to age-related problems for men.

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