It’s Friday night with the guys, and you’ve got the perfect panama hat lined up for your outfit. There’s just one problem: your hair. Men grappling with anxiety and insecurity over hair loss skip wearing hats, because they’re worried it’ll make them shed hair. Generally speaking? This is a myth; let’s debunk it.

We’re saying ‘generally’ here because there is a type of hair loss that happens when your hair gets tugged on too hard, and it’s called ‘traction alopecia’. The thing is, this has more to do with wearing tight buns than hats, so if you’re worried about hats causing baldness, don’t be. Let’s have a look at what could cause you to lose hair.

What Could Be The Cause?

The good news is that some amount of hair loss, whether you’re wearing hats or not, is perfectly natural. Men and women lose around 100 strands of hair a day, so if you’re noticing more hair in the shower or while combing, it might not necessarily be a cause for concern. Other factors include:

  • Genetics: For better or worse, genetics have a massive impact on our hairlines. This can mean that some of us will have a full head of hair until the very end, while others will notice shedding and a receding hairline much earlier, known as male pattern baldness.
  • Hormones: Taking steroids or other substances that alter hormone levels have a significantly higher chance of causing baldness than hats. An example of this is the male sex hormone DHT. Depending on how sensitive your hair is to this hormone, you might experience hair loss if it’s affected.
  • Medical Conditions: Wearing hats often catches the blame for hair loss when the real culprit might be an underlying medical condition. Luckily, while male pattern baldness might not be easy to treat, hair loss caused by a medical condition might be reversible if the condition is cured.

An example of diseases causing hair fall might be a ringworm infection affecting the scalp, dandruff, or even diabetes. High blood pressure and stress can also cause hair to fall out in large amounts. If you’re taking meds, it might be a good idea to consult your doctor about the potential side effects.

man holding lost hair

How Do I Fix It?

Making sure you’re living a healthy lifestyle full of regular exercise, sleep, and a balanced diet can go a long way in maintaining self-esteem, so you can wear hats and not fret about hair loss. 

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