Sex should be fun, but factors out of our reach can make an incredible experience a confusing one. In general terms, erection anxiety refers to a feeling of fear or uncertainty, which can worsen or even cause dysfunction before or during sex.

This phenomenon is far more common than we think; sexual performance anxiety (SPA) affects up to 25% of men! Luckily, overcoming and learning from it can help elevate your life both sexually and in other ways. Understanding why ED (Erectile Dysfunction) and performance anxiety occurs is the first step to beating it.

Why Does It Happen?

It’s tough to pinpoint a specific cause for erection anxiety, or SPA, as the causes can vary depending on the person. However, here are the usual suspects:

  • Insecurity: This is one of the most common causes of SPA. Body-weight issues and insecurity about age for example, can dent your confidence severely, which can make it difficult to perform when the time comes. Similarly, concerns about not being ‘big enough’ or doubting your own sexual capabilities can be a cause for SPA.
  • Past trauma: A history of sexual abuse or even just a particularly unpleasant sexual encounter can leave a lingering anxiety about having sex again. If your relationship is currently on a rocky footing, it can also have an effect in the bedroom.
  • Overstimulation: Too much of anything is never good. Watching an excess of porn can set unhealthy standards for pleasure and make performing in real-world situations tougher, and result in ED and performance anxiety.

How to Deal With It

Growing Physically

Meaningful change begins within, and erection anxiety is no different. Pulling yourself up by your bootstraps and diving into a healthier lifestyle can help deal with many of the things that cause erection anxiety. Hitting the gym, taking hair supplements if you’re worried about your hair, and eating healthier can all boost how you see yourself and help you perform better where it counts.

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Working With Your Partner

On the relationship front, maintaining a healthy and open line of communication with your partner can make all the difference for a better sex life. Opening up to your partner about your insecurities helps you work on beating erection anxiety as a couple, and can even lead to a better sexual experience. Part of this good communication involves letting your partner know what you like and vice versa. Taking things slow and step-by-step when confronted with ED and sexual performance anxiety is a healthy way to recuperate and start again.


Finding opportunities in every problem and growing as people is the best way to come out of a tough situation. Men can look at erection anxiety as an opportunity to learn more about themselves through experimentation. Communicate with your partner to see if they’d be open to trying out new activities and you might just be surprised with what you’ll find out!

Erection anxiety can be embarrassing at first, but healthy communication and a positive outlook goes a long way in making things right. Mess around, open up, and maybe give our all-natural vitality supplements a shot, because while taking control of your sex life is something only you can do. And it doesn’t hurt to get some help along the way.

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